Invest in the well-being of your employees

Why choose cycling in the workplace?

Increase the physical and mental well-being of your employees

Boost the productivity of your teams by 6% to 9% (according to MEDEF)

Attract, pamper and retain your talents

Reduce your carbon footprint and boost your CSR actions

Enhance your brand image with a distinctive societal commitment

Benefit from tax advantages with a 25% tax reduction

Tailor-made support

Our know-how at Eovolt lies in the design and assembly of our bikes. This is why we collaborate with experts specialized in offering bicycles to businesses in order to offer you the best solution adapted to your needs.

Three solutions to equip your employees

The function bike

Just like the company car, the company bike follows the same principle: the employer provides bicycles to its employees, with all services included such as insurance, maintenance and accessories. The cost of the bike is then shared between the employee and the employer, usually on a 70/30% split.

The fleet of shared bicycles

The self-service bicycle fleet as an alternative solution to taxis and public transportation, providing easy access to all employees during their working hours. The company fully covers the rent for the bicycles, while the state offers a 25% tax reduction to support this initiative.

The sustainable mobility package

With the aim of promoting more environmentally friendly modes of transport, the French government has introduced the “sustainable mobility package”. This bicycle allowance allows employers to cover the travel costs of their employees up to €800 per year. This compensation is entirely exempt from taxes for the employee and is also exempt from social security contributions for the employer. This aims to encourage and support businesses in their desire to adopt green transport solutions.

A flexible, turnkey offer adapted to your needs

+ The choice among our 3 models of folding and compact electric bikes assembled in France and designed to last

+ A range of accessories (helmets, approved anti-theft device and luggage)

+ Insurance against breakage and theft

+ A maintenance service available at your office

Three models to adapt to everyone's daily life

A turnkey accessories offer

Waterproof SOHO backpack with light
Heritage Thousand Helmet
ABUS BORDO™ 6000 anti-theft lock

Ready to live the experience?

Contact our team and find out how Eovolt Business can improve the daily lives of your employees.