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Breakage & theft insurance

To support you in your Eovolt experience, we have designed tailor-made insurance with our partner Estaly. Breakage + theft insurance including free repairs in the event of accidental damage, and complete coverage in the event of theft.

Getting insurance has never been so simple.

Did you buy your bike less than 3 months ago? So, you are eligible!Click on the button below “I subscribe to insurance”, fill in the fields and we will take care of the rest 😉

Why protect your bike with Estaly?

Coverage against total theft, theft of accessories and accidental breakage

At the right price, from just €12.99 per month

Compensation for the purchase value of the bike for 2 years

Minimum excess: 0€ for breakage, 5% of the price of the bike for theft

Subscription and claim declaration in less than 2 minutes, 100% online

Responsive customer service, Estaly offers you a service in less than 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for insurance?

You can activate Estaly insurance within two months of purchasing your bike. Estaly covers your bike all year round for a maximum period of 5 years. The insurance is aimed at people aged 18 and over who officially reside in France.

How does theft insurance work?

In the event of theft by assault or break-in, Estaly will replace your bicycle. Your coverage includes a deductible of only 5% of the price of the bike, replacement at the purchase value for the first two years and a compensation ceiling of €10,000.

How does damage insurance work?

Whether you caused the accident or not, Estaly will take care of the necessary repairs. Your coverage includes repairs up to the purchase value of the bike, 0€ excess and replacement of the bike if repairs are impossible.

How can I report a claim?

To report a claim, go to your Estaly customer area and click on “ Report a claim ”. You can also report a claim directly from the Estaly website by clicking on “ Report a claim ”.

Does theft insurance work for accessories?

All accessories sold with the bike are covered if stolen. Your coverage includes the theft of the battery, saddle or wheels, the theft of accessories attached to the bike as well as replacement at the purchase value of the parts.

Who is responsible for handling claims?

Estaly takes care of the entire claims management process. In an eco-responsible approach, we favor the repair of damaged products; we replace them if they are not repairable.